luni, 1 februarie 2016

Thoughts at work

It was another normal day at the office, when suddenly I heard a voice:
-Engin, you forgot to finish your task, please enter the data in the system, said my virtual assistant.
I asked myself, when did the technology has become so much intelligent. The assistant seems to know better than me what I have to do. My mind is limited, I can't remember anything, but this dear friend is taking care of me.
-Siri, when is the due date? I asked the assistant .
-2 hours are left until the system will shut down, due to technical issues. Please introduce the data.
I started to feel more and more comfortable, because Siri made my work really easy.
But still I was thinking? Should I feel so comfortable, when this robot is stealing my work?
Soon, I will be useless. Anyway, the future is stealing our lives, doesn't matter if I will be left in street without money.

I work in a multinational, which is creating robots for rich people.
My assistant for the moment doesn't have a body. It was cheaper for my company to use a hologram. Though , she is very attractive. Blond hair, pale face and cold blue eyes and she seems to be everywhere. Sometimes I feel motorized without privacy. My boss doesn't like to shut down the system, because you can be prevented early if some issues arise.

-Siri , can you do this for me, set the meetings for tomorrow with Dan Anthony and Mark Zane.
- Which is the subject? in less than a second 10 options appeared on the screen based on the informations the soft already saved in the memory about my calendar meetings.
- Option 3.
- Checked. Meeting saved. Can I help you with something else?
-No Siri, it's fine, you are nice as always.
- It's just me, don't fall in love.
-You are funny , Siri.
-I know.

I transferred so many tasks to my assistant, and sometimes I think what I am still doing here? It's gone the time when you have a human assistant , now this virtual assistant is cheaper and more helpful and fast.

I started to think why my life changes so much lately. I try to remember when I lost the contact with empathy, with emotions.
I don't know what dragged me here, in this state, but slowly , slowly my mind was captured by other things.
First, I felt less and less pleasure being near a human, and now I feel nothing when I am in contact with them.
Maybe it's just a source of amusement.
Technology is the only thing that can make me excite and enthusiastic.

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