duminică, 28 februarie 2016

Faith in technology

It came a moment when I was lost, in despair. I started to lose my faith in humanity. Sometimes it was such a pain to work with humans . I couldn't understand why people lie so much, why they don't care about their job or about others, why they fail where machines succeed.
It was a pain that made me slowly but surely to fall into isolation, like in my childhood. When I was little I couldn't understand people, and today I feel the same. For some years I had the impression I do understand and I do need people, even if they don't need me.
Now, standing in this office surrounded by so many colleagues, I felt more alone than ever.
I started to prefer to talk with my virtual assistant, and I felt more pleasure to listen this robot than any of my colleagues.
I thought robots are predictable, but not my virtual assistant. Not my Siri.
I even thought to buy a more intelligent robot. I don't have yet the money but maybe I can create one in this case. I would spend my life to see a creation like this.
I trust more a machine. Indeed, people are superior in a way. People have instincts, have feelings and a soul that no machine could ever have, maybe just an imitation. But we people we are driven by passion , by instincts and we are not rational. We create chaos, and we kill ideas and we destroy people and countries.

People consumed so much my energy, my self-confidence and my life. Maybe now was the time to become more selfish and give myself to machines.
I dream every night how the world is changing and is overwhelming. I am limited as a human, but I am not jealous on machines  like others. I feel very good that I can live in this world, that I can master these inventions and that we can work, as we,  people never thought we could work.
For some days, I try to do my best to work at maximum capacity, to feel appreciated, to do something good , but some things are capturing my soul and my mind. I started to forgot things, because I try to remember too many in short time. Our mind is limited, is selective. My mind makes the storage based on which parameters?
I don't know yet, but I do know I can rely on my assistant.
My job could soon disappear, and I am sure many people will be left without jobs.
I don't care so much at this moment. I know the consequences could be very big, but I have dreams.
Now I trust more in technology than in anything else. When you have a matter of life and death, you can't accept human mistakes.
When it comes to your health, the ignorance of people who are tired and unsatisfied of their job can affect your life. A machine is never tired, unsatisfied or crazy or irrational.
A machine is not subjective. Nowadays machines do know more about you as an employee than your boss , than your colleagues or even more than you husband.
I am impressed how much this machine could know about me. When I don't know what to eat or what to do, my assistant recommends me things I like, things I need.

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